My name is Maya and I have always wanted to have a yarn store as I've loved yarn and everything that goes with it since I was a child and learned to knit.  I finally got the opportunity to create an online shop and decided to call it after my mother, Diana, who taught me to knit as a small child and later to crochet, sew and embroider. Without her influence I would never have ended up doing this.  Through all my years working in high-stress jobs, traveling the world, knitting and crochet kept me sane. And nowadays we know that these pursuits have a positive effect on our mental health, probably mainly because they are mindful hobbies (or work) where you get a positive result.

I am aim to provide well priced yarns where the majority are made with natural fibres. As the business grows, I will add more brands and hope to source local suppliers as well.

Maya Hanley