I didn’t pay too much attention to the needles and hooks I used to knit and crochet for most of my life. Oh, how I wish I had known the difference it was going to make to my work using better quality and designed tools!

I was introduced to Tulip Etimo Rose crochet hooks a couple of years ago and decided to give them a try and now you couldn’t get me to use anything else unless I was totally stuck. Not only are they designed ergonomically so they are comfortable to use, whether you hold your hook on top or underneath, but the tip has some extra slidey (that’s a made up word!) coating which helps it glide more easily into the yarn. Imagine a yarn that splits a lot and being able to tackle it with ease – that’s the difference. The tip is also more pointed so it can get into small stitches easily.

Etimo Rose Crochet Hook

They cost a bit more (€8.95) but you probably only need to buy each size once (unless you always losing your things). The extra cost is worth every cent for the difference it makes in your experience of your crochet. Over time, I’ve converted most of my students to Tulip Etimo Rose hooks and they all agree it’s made their crochet better and more enjoyable.