Scheepjes River Washed XL


  • 973 Po
  • 974 Avon
  • 975 Eisack
  • 976 Tiber
  • 977 Ural
  • 978 Murray
  • 979 Mersey
  • 980 Narmada
Weight N/A
Ball weight

Fiber Content


Yarn Weight


This unique Scheepjes quality, River Washed XL is made from a painted inner thread that is surrounded by a differently coloured net, resulting in a uniquely expressive yarn. River Washed XL gives all projects a tough and contemporary look and can be combined perfectly with Stone Washed.

River Washed XL is available in 22 colours. The yarns carry the names of rivers. The 8 newest colours (973-980) with a gorgeous mustard-yellow colour-base are the perfect complement to the existing colour palette of River Washed and Stone Washed.


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